[openstack-dev] [Glance] [Artifacts] [app-catalog] Proposed pre-holiday Artifacts virtual meetup.

Nikhil Komawar nik.komawar at gmail.com
Tue Dec 22 04:31:35 UTC 2015

I would like to close the poll now and call the meeting at 1530UTC on
Wednesday 23rd December for around 90 mins.

If there are more additions to the call please let me know by tomorrow
(Tuesday Dec 22nd 2100UTC) to identify the need for a different
communication platform. Else we will be using the hangout link given in
the poll ( http://doodle.com/poll/adq4y5ppiy4hqcww ).

Please find the tentative agenda proposed here (
https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/mitaka-glare-preholiday-sync ). We may
have more items closer to the meeting and you are encouraged to add sub
topics as appropriate.

Again, please let me know if you have concerns.

On 12/20/15 10:49 PM, Nikhil Komawar wrote:
> Hi all,
> Sorry to send this last minute; but as informally decided and having had
> some momentum on Artifacts with a few decision items to be taken, it
> would be nice to have a virtual sync before the holiday season begins.
> I have created a poll for the same. Please vote on the doodle as soon as
> possible ( http://doodle.com/poll/adq4y5ppiy4hqcww ). Attached is the
> hangout link for participation however, we may utilize other video
> conference media if large number of participants show up. The meeting
> time would be 60-90 minutes and is likely to happen either this Tuesday
> or Wednesday (as shown on doodle) if poll is successful.
> Please let me know if anyone has concerns.



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