[openstack-dev] [Ceilometer][Gnocchi] inconsistent instance attributes cause infinite update

Luo Gangyi lgy181 at foxmail.com
Sun Dec 20 15:52:38 UTC 2015

Hi devs,
 I found a problem which may cause infinite update of instance's attributes in gnocchi.
 Let's see the resource definition of instance.
   - resource_type: instance
      - 'instance'
      - 'memory'
      - 'memory.usage'
      - 'memory.resident'
      - 'vcpus'
      - 'cpu'
      - 'cpu_util'
      - 'disk.root.size'
      host: resource_metadata.host
      image_ref: resource_metadata.image_ref_url

 Here is the problem, although they have same  attributes, they are *not* same.
 Some of them came from nova's notifications and the others are came from ceilometer-compute-agent.
 1) Those came from notifications, their attributes looks like
 image_ref :  
 host: compute.lgy-openstack-kilo.novalocal 
 2) Those came from ceilometer-compute-agent, 
 image_ref : 
 Such difference will cause alternately and infinitely update of a instance's attributes if we enable nova audit.
 So I suggest we seperate these meters which came from notifications to another resource type like "instance_from_notification".
 Any other idea?
 Luo Gangyi   luogangyi at chinamobile.com
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