[openstack-dev] [glance] OVF/OVA introspection in Mitaka?

Bhandaru, Malini K malini.k.bhandaru at intel.com
Sat Dec 19 07:17:11 UTC 2015

Flavio, I uploaded a patch 15. Your comment about making import available to non-admin users and Mike Gerdt's comments with ova schema references
Prompts the question how important is it to support upload of compressed ova.
I am happy to jettison the compressed support for generally available.

Also, will the new refactored import be available any time soon?
Should we go ahead with this feature with the original Liberty task flow and then update it( as a bug or compatibility feature) when the refactored import becomes available?

I have one more question, we would like to save the extracted meta data using the CIM namespace.
The Horizon metadata tags support allows one to represent a key with multiple values as a list/array.
Would like to do the same here ... example 
CIM:InstructionSetExtensionName: {
                    "x86:FMA }

Versus a bunch of CIM:InstructionSetExtensionName: x86:3Dnow, CIM:InstructionSetExtensionName:AVX2 ...
The latter more a tag style representation verus key-value pairs.

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This spec[0] was started back in Liberty and I'd like to hear from the folks involved in this work whether the intent of moving this forward is still active and the goals. This has been a long standing request and as it's being presented it seems to have no impact on the current API refactor we're doing. Neither in the code nor in the design.

I'm sending this out not only to hear from the folks involved but also from other memebers of the community. We're skipping the next couple of meetings and I thought about starting this thread as we're approaching the spec freeze date.

One more note. The code this spec impacts, as mentioned above, is not going to be changed. The task engine (the one that uses taskflow) should not be confused with the task aPI (the one that currently triggers the task engine and that's also going away).


[0] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/194868/

Flavio Percoco

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