[openstack-dev] New things in Gerrit 2.11 to enjoy

Sean Dague sean at dague.net
Thu Dec 17 18:44:57 UTC 2015

While I realize there is some sentiment about people not liking the UI
changes in Gerrit 2.11, I thought I'd provide you with some reasons to
like new gerrit.

New Search Strings:

* patch size

delta:<=10 - show only patches with <= 10 lines of change

* scoring by group


you can now search scores by a group, so that if you are -1 filtering,
you are only doing it from the core team, so that new folks -1ing things
don't take it off your radar.

* message:/comment: queries actually work now with more than one word.

New UI features:

There is a separate Mergable field (is:mergable) which lets you know
that the code in question is no longer mergable with master.

The column 3 on the change page includes the following:

* Related Changes - all changes in the linear patch series

* Conflicts With - all open patches in the system that will conflict
with this one

This is great for discovering duplicates for the same fix.

* Same topic - anything with the same topic, again for group reviewing.

Inline Edit:

You can now inline edit the entire patch. Click the Edit button above
the list of files, and you go into edit mode, and can fix the commit
message or any files. This pops you into a separate screen where you
'Save' the change, then eventually "Publish Edit" on the main page.

There is also the "Follow Up" button where it builds you an empty follow
up patch that you can inline edit to fix something. Especially good if
you want to just follow up with a typo fix.

Yes, a lot of the UI elements move around from the old change screen
(even from the new one in old gerrit), so there will be some getting
used to. However a lot of these new features are quite nice for
increasing review productivity once you get used to some of the new widgets.


Sean Dague

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