[openstack-dev] [magnum] Magnum conductor async container operations

Joshua Harlow harlowja at fastmail.com
Thu Dec 17 02:24:34 UTC 2015

SURO wrote:
> Hi all,
> Please review and provide feedback on the following design proposal for
> implementing the blueprint[1] on async-container-operations -
> 1. Magnum-conductor would have a pool of threads for executing the
> container operations, viz. executor_threadpool. The size of the
> executor_threadpool will be configurable. [Phase0]
> 2. Every time, Magnum-conductor(Mcon) receives a
> container-operation-request from Magnum-API(Mapi), it will do the
> initial validation, housekeeping and then pick a thread from the
> executor_threadpool to execute the rest of the operations. Thus Mcon
> will return from the RPC request context much faster without blocking
> the Mapi. If the executor_threadpool is empty, Mcon will execute in a
> manner it does today, i.e. synchronously - this will be the
> rate-limiting mechanism - thus relaying the feedback of exhaustion.
> [Phase0]
> How often we are hitting this scenario, may be indicative to the
> operator to create more workers for Mcon.
> 3. Blocking class of operations - There will be a class of operations,
> which can not be made async, as they are supposed to return
> result/content inline, e.g. 'container-logs'. [Phase0]
> 4. Out-of-order considerations for NonBlocking class of operations -
> there is a possible race around condition for create followed by
> start/delete of a container, as things would happen in parallel. To
> solve this, we will maintain a map of a container and executing thread,
> for current execution. If we find a request for an operation for a
> container-in-execution, we will block till the thread completes the
> execution. [Phase0]

Does whatever do these operations (mcon?) run in more than one process? 
Can it be requested to create in one process then delete in another? If 
so is that map some distributed/cross-machine/cross-process map that 
will be inspected to see what else is manipulating a given container (so 
that the thread can block until that is not the case... basically the 
map is acting like a operation-lock?)

If it's just local in one process, then I have a library for u that can 
solve the problem of correctly ordering parallel operations ;)

> This mechanism can be further refined to achieve more asynchronous
> behavior. [Phase2]
> The approach above puts a prerequisite that operations for a given
> container on a given Bay would go to the same Magnum-conductor instance.
> [Phase0]
> 5. The hand-off between Mcon and a thread from executor_threadpool can
> be reflected through new states on the 'container' object. These states
> can be helpful to recover/audit, in case of Mcon restart. [Phase1]
> Other considerations -
> 1. Using eventlet.greenthread instead of real threads => This approach
> would require further refactoring the execution code and embed yield
> logic, otherwise a single greenthread would block others to progress.
> Given, we will extend the mechanism for multiple COEs, and to keep the
> approach straight forward to begin with, we will use 'threading.Thread'
> instead of 'eventlet.greenthread'.
> Refs:-
> [1] -
> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/magnum/+spec/async-container-operations

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