[openstack-dev] [cloudkitty] IRC meetings frequency and dates

Stéphane Albert sheeprine-ml at nullplace.com
Wed Dec 16 13:55:48 UTC 2015


We're having more and more contributors to the CloudKitty project, which
is really nice. But sadly we hardly see new faces at the meetings.
This mail is just to make a quick check to find out what's the reason
behind that.

Is this because the meeting hours are hard to attend? I know that most
new contributors are located in Asia and 2PM UTC is pretty late for
them. Or maybe Monday is not the best fit for this.

Due to the small number of people involved in the meetings we might
change the frequency of them.

If you want to attend the meetings but can't for some reason, answer
this mail and tell us why. We'll find a way to make it convenient for
more people.


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