[openstack-dev] [all] Python 2.6 should rise from the dead

Andrey Kurilin akurilin at mirantis.com
Wed Dec 16 11:33:49 UTC 2015

Hi all,
As you may know, support of Python 2.6 was dropped this month from most of
OpenStack projects. Also infrastructure team dropped Centos 6.x jobs.

I'm ok with dropping Python 2.6 support from the master(Mitaka), but what
about stable/kilo and stable/liberty ? Kilo and Liberty were released with
Python 2.6 support and most of projects have py26 classifiers there.
Without py26 jobs in stable branches, it is hard to backport any changes.
Also, requirements for stable/liberty do not contain upper caps for
python-*clients and oslo.* libraries, so most of projects already have
broken py26 support in Liberty.

Best regards,
Andrey Kurilin.
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