[openstack-dev] Cleaning Up Deprecation Warnings in the Gate

Matthew Treinish mtreinish at kortar.org
Thu Dec 10 17:04:08 UTC 2015

Hi Everyone,

So we were having a discussion in #openstack-qa about the amount of logs we have
to process in our elastic search cluster and that we frequently have issues with
the amount of RAM available in the cluster.

In general, it would be good for projects to take a look at how verbose
their logging is, especially on successful tempest runs, and see if that's 
really necessary and see if they can make things a bit more concise and 
targeted (this will help operators too). However, one thing that stood out to me
is that we're getting a lot of deprecation warnings from all our gate jobs.

Using this query to see how many deprecation warning we emit on jobs running on
master in the past 7 days:


it found 17576707 hits. I don't really see any reason for us to be running dsvm
jobs on master using deprecated options.

We're looking for some people to volunteer to help with this, it isn't something
that's very difficult to fix. It'll likely just require changing things in
devstack to avoid configuring services with deprecated options. But, a big part
is also going to be going through the logs to find out where we're using
deprecated options.


Matthew Treinish
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