[openstack-dev] [nova][cinder] what are the key errors with volume detach

Sean Dague sean at dague.net
Thu Dec 10 14:42:28 UTC 2015

On 12/02/2015 12:37 PM, Rosa, Andrea (HP Cloud Services) wrote:
> Hi
> thanks Sean for bringing this point, I have been working on the change and on the (abandoned) spec.
> I'll try here to summarize all the discussions we had and what we decided.
>> From: Sean Dague [mailto:sean at dague.net]
>> Sent: 02 December 2015 13:31
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>> Subject: [openstack-dev] [nova] what are the key errors with volume detach
>> This patch to add a bunch of logic to nova-manage for forcing volume detach
>> raised a bunch of questions
>> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/184537/24/nova/cmd/manage.py,cm
> On this specific review there are some valid concerns that I am happy to address, but first we need to understand if we want this change.
> FWIW I think it is still a valid change, please see below.
>> In thinking about this for the last day, I think the real concern is that we have
>> so many safety checks on volume delete, that if we failed with a partially
>> setup volume, we have too many safety latches to tear it down again.
>> Do we have some detailed bugs about how that happens? Is it possible to
>> just fix DELETE to work correctly even when we're in these odd states?
> In a simplified view of a detach volume we can say that the nova code does:
> 1 detach the volume from the instance
> 2 Inform cinder about the detach and call the terminate_connection on the cinder API. 
> 3 delete the dbm recod in the nova DB
> If 2 fails the volumes get stuck in a detaching status and any further attempt to delete or detach the volume will fail:
> "Delete for volume <volume_id> failed: Volume <volume_id> is still attached, detach volume first. (HTTP 400)"

So why isn't this handled in a "finally" pattern.

Ensure that you always do 2 (a) & (b) and 3, collect errors that happen
during 2 (a) & (b), report them back to the user.

What state does that leave things in? Both from the server and the volume.


Sean Dague

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