[openstack-dev] [ironic]Can't login machine by using ironic

Zhi Chang changzhi at unitedstack.com
Thu Dec 10 04:09:51 UTC 2015

hi, all
    I create a keypair in nova. So nova generates a key named "ironic" and I store the data into a file named "key". Then I boot a vm by using command "nova boot --image 9eb9d034-a33b-421d-8c9d-a960597e4101 --flavor 7095f52d-d438-44c3-bdf7-ca5cca3012bd --nic net-id=cf9e60fa-1e62-4af7-af58-b9407c209824 --key-name ironic test3".
I want to login the machine when the machine boots success(ping the machine is okay). I use the command "sudo ip netns exec qrouter-94b916a9-054a-43b6-91ed-4f86b7eeac64 ssh -i key root at". Why does the console let me input the password? The console outputs "root at's password:".
Could someone helps me?

Zhi Chang
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