[openstack-dev] [cinder] Dependencies of snapshots on volumes

Mike Perez thingee at gmail.com
Wed Dec 9 22:34:29 UTC 2015

On 09:27 Dec 09, John Griffith wrote:
> On Tue, Dec 8, 2015 at 9:10 PM, Li, Xiaoyan <xiaoyan.li at intel.com> wrote:


> > As a result, this raises two concerns here:
> > 1. Let such operations behavior same in Cinder.
> > 2. I prefer to let storage driver decide the dependencies, not in the
> > general core codes.
> >
> ​I have and always will strongly disagree with this approach and your
> proposal.  Sadly we've already started to allow more and more vendor
> drivers just "do their own thing" and implement their own special API
> methods.  This is in my opinion a horrible path and defeats the entire
> purpose of have a Cinder abstraction layer.
> This will make it impossible to have compatibility between clouds for those
> that care about it, it will make it impossible for operators/deployers to
> understand exactly what they can and should expect in terms of the usage of
> their cloud.  Finally, it will also mean that not OpenStack API
> functionality is COMPLETELY dependent on backend device.  I know people are
> sick of hearing me say this, so I'll keep it short and say it one more time:
> "Compatibility in the API matters and should always be our priority"


Mike Perez

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