[openstack-dev] Regarding Designate install through Openstack-Ansible

Jesse Pretorius jesse.pretorius at gmail.com
Tue Dec 8 13:07:25 UTC 2015

On 8 December 2015 at 08:26, Sharma Swati6 <sharma.swati6 at tcs.com> wrote:

> Hi *Major, Jean, Jesse and Kevin,*


> I have been interacting with you lately on openstack mailing lists and IRC
> chats regarding *Designate component inclusion in Openstack-Ansible*, so
> that its deployment can be made similar to other components.
> As recommended, I have opened a *spec* also at :
> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/254161/ and uploaded the sample
> *designate.yml* file at
> https://github.com/prpandey26/Designate/blob/master/designate.yml#L3.

This is just the beginning, but thank you for getting started!

> To proceed with the configuration and role setup, I have the following
> queries-
>    1. I believe for making the starting the initial setup, only conf.d
>    and env.d needs to be altered. *In env.d, I edited the designate.yml
>    file, then in conf.d, what host changes exactly I need to make for
>    designate component?*
>    1. Jean suggested that "after making changes in env.d and conf.d,
>    ansible will create the new entries for your component". *Do I have to
>    run anything for this? At what location will the new entries be created? Is
>    it with respect to the roles for designate automatically created?*
>    2. As a next step, I am planning to add role directories for designate
>    component *'os-designate-yml' file in
>    '/opt/openstack-ansible/playbooks'* and a seperate roles directory for *'os-designate'
>    at '/opt/openstack-ansible/playbooks/roles'.* *Can you please let me
>    know if this has to be created by us or env.d and conf.d will directly
>    created it?*
> I have not seen any document yet for the extra-containers to be added to
> openstack-ansible, however I checked only specs have been created for
> ironic, trove, etc.

It seems that you've misunderstood, so let me try and make this clear.

No code will be created for you. The creation of the role to deploy and
configure Designate will need to be created and developed by you. The
playbook to execute the role will need to be created and developed by you.
The environment group/container spec (env.d) and the assignment of a host
to the group (conf.d) will need to be done by you.
The only thing that will be done automatically is the creation of the
container with a base OS - and this will be based on your env.d/conf.d

We've been discussing these details with you today on IRC [1] and I hope
that all your questions, for now, have been adequately answered. If not,
please feel free to ask more!

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