[openstack-dev] openstackdocstheme to be considered (very) harmful for your generated sphinx docs

Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Mon Dec 7 14:25:50 UTC 2015

On 2015-12-07 09:04:20 -0500 (-0500), Morgan Fainberg wrote:
> * We should not (regardless of free/non-free/etc) make sure that the docs
> are fully self-contained when built locally. This would address the privacy
> and security issues for the local docs. (Again Analytics can be enabled as
> a build-time job).

Assuming s/not// (looks like a typo?) I'm in complete agreement.

> * We should ensure we are only loading any external sources via HTTPS
> rather than HTTP.

Or better yet, not loading any external sources at all (though
figuring out how to find and link to locally installed distro
packages of fonts and similar resources might get complicated, and
so may still be easier left as distro-specific patches in their
respective packaging).
Jeremy Stanley

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