[openstack-dev] [ironic]"No valid host was found" when creating node in Ironic

Zhi Chang changzhi at unitedstack.com
Mon Dec 7 09:45:59 UTC 2015

Hi, all
    I install devstack with Ironic in physical machine. And I want to deploy a another physical machine which IPMI info is "username:root password:12345 ip_address:". I use this command "ironic node-create -c d5f2dee1-f5bc-409e-a9be-a3ae5c392cfa -d ipmi_tool -p ipmi_username=root -p ipmi_address= -p ipmi_password=12345 -n testing" to create a node in Ironic. There is an error when I run the command. It says "No valid host was found. Reason: No conductor service registered which supports driver ipmi_tool. (HTTP 400)". What should I do to resolve this problem? Or, what should I do if I want to deploy a physical machine by using Ironic? 

Zhi Chang
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