[openstack-dev] [release] recording milestones for unmanaged projects

Doug Hellmann doug at doughellmann.com
Fri Dec 4 16:03:33 UTC 2015

Release liaisons,

We've had a couple of questions about handling the milestone releases
for non-release:managed projects. Today in the release team meeting,
we agreed that we would like to record the information about those
releases, after they are cut. We also want to encourage everyone
to take the same steps of removing the version entry from your
setup.cfg file, so we want to follow a similar process that we went
through with the managed teams.

1. Prepare a patch to the deliverable file in the openstack/releases
   repository recording the *existing beta tag* for your release.

   Please include a note in the commit message indicating that you
   are recording an existing milestone tag for an unmanaged project.

2. Prepare a patch to the project repository removing the version
   line from setup.cfg.

   Set the patch to depend on the release patch from step 1, and
   use the topic "remove-version-from-setup".

3. Add a comment to the milestone tag request linking to the
   review from step 2.

There's no need to rush to finish these patches, so submit them
when you have a few minutes over the next week or so.


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