[openstack-dev] [midonet] What repos to migrate to OpenStack infrastructure

Sandro Mathys sandro at midokura.com
Wed Dec 2 07:05:20 UTC 2015

Hi all,

Trying to prepare moving our repos to the OpenStack infrastructure, I
got reminded just how many repos we have in our GitHub organization
[1] - and how many of those seem to be deprecated or tangential.

Now, do we still want to migrate them? Pretty sure the answer is "no"
for the deprecated ones but I wonder about the tangential ones. Well,
to be honest, I also wonder which are actually deprecated/tangential
and which are considered "important".

First of all, I think repos that are not set up on GerritHub, don't
need to be migrated. Partially because they don't seem important
enough, and partially because migration would force Gerrit upon them
(i.e. Gerrit is the main repo for a project in OpenStack, the others
are just mirrors). But the list of midonet repos on GerritHub [2] is
still very long.

Of those, I figure these are deprecated and shouldn't be migrated:
* arrakis
* midostack

Also, I'm only looking at what repos to migrate under the "midonet"
umbrella. These repos should probably be migrated under a different
umbrella, if at all:
* ansible-* (-> ansible-openstack)
* puppet-* (-> puppet-openstack)
* zephyr (-> zephyr)

Furthermore, these seem to be forks that should (no longer) see
downstream commits, right?
* python-midonetclient
* python-neutronclient

Last but not least, we have repos that have only a single contributor
and should probably not be part of the midonet organization anyway -
and repos with (virtually) no commits:
* bees
* docker-openvpn-client
* docker-zk-web
* orizuru
* toscana
* ubuntu-integration

Alright, this leaves us with 11 repos - much better number!

These, I think we should migrate:
* mdts
* midonet
* midonet-docs
* midonet-sandbox

These, we could migrate but they are low priority and might actually
go away so let's defer:
* midonethomepage
* planet-midonet

However, I have no idea about these - are they still needed? Do they
belong under the midonet umbrella?
* jmx_exporter
* midonet-charms
* midonet-dockerfile
* tempest-add
* zktimemachine

Please share your thoughts - did I exclude some that should be
included in the migration? Should some be included that are not
currently configured on GerritHub? And what about those 5 repos in the
last list?

Note, that all repos we want to migrate under the midonet umbrella
probably need to have a "midonet-" in front, so it would need to be
added to those who don't have it. (Well, planet-midonet will become
midonet-planet and midonethomepage gain a dash).


PS. the "when" and "how" will be discussed later - let's focus on the
"what" in this thread, please.

[1] https://github.com/midonet
[2] https://review.gerrithub.io/#/admin/projects/?filter=midonet%252F

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