[openstack-dev] [Fuel] CentOS7 Merging Plan

Dmitry Teselkin dteselkin at mirantis.com
Tue Dec 1 14:58:42 UTC 2015


We're almost got green BVT on custom CentOS7 ISO and it seems that it's
the time to discuss the plan how this feature could be merged.

This is not the only one feature that is in a queue. Unfortunately,
almost any other feature will be broken if merged after CentOS7, so it
was decided to merge our changes last.

This is not an official announcement, rather a notification letter to
start a discussion and find any objections.

So the plan is:

* merge all features that are going to be merged before Thusday, Dec 3
* call for merge freeze starting at Dec 3, due Dec 7
* rebase all CentOS7-related pathsets and resolve any conflicts with
  merged code (Dec 3)
* build custom ISO, pass BVT (and other tests) (Dec 3)
* merge all CentOS7-related patchsets at once (Dec 4)
* build an ISO and pass BVT again (Dec 4)
* run additional test during weekend (Dec 5, 6) to be sure that ISO
  good enough

According to this plan on Monday, Dec 7 we should either get CentOS7
based ISO, or revert all incompatible changes.

Dmitry Teselkin

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