[openstack-dev] [Glance] glance_store and glance

Nikhil Komawar nik.komawar at gmail.com
Fri Aug 7 05:21:25 UTC 2015


During the mid-cycle we had another proposal that wanted to put back the
glance_store library back into the Glance repo and not leave it is as a
separate repo/project.

The questions outstanding are: what are the use cases that want it as a
separate library?

The original use cases that supported a separate lib have not had much
progress or adoption yet. There have been complaints about overhead of
maintaining it as a separate lib and version tracking without much gain.
The proposals for the re-factor of the library is also a worrysome topic
in terms of the stability of the codebase.

The original use cases from my memory are:
1. Other projects consuming glance_store -- this has become less likely
to be useful.
2. another upload path for users for the convenience of tasks -- not
preferable as we don't want to expose this library to users.
3. ease of addition of newer drivers for the developers -- drivers are
only being removed since.
4. cleaner api / more methods that support backend store capabilities -
a separate library is not necessarily needed, smoother re-factor is
possible within Glance codebase.

Also, the authN/Z complexities and ACL restrictions on the back-end
stores can be potential security loopholes with the library and Glance
evolution separately.

In order to move forward smoothly on this topic in Liberty, I hereby
request input from all concerned developer parties. The decision to keep
this as a separate library will remain in effect if we do not come to
resolution within 2 weeks from now. However, if there aren't any
significant use cases we may consider a port back of the same.

Please find some corresponding discussion from the latest Glance weekly



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