[openstack-dev] [all] pbr 0.11 released. Must read if you encounter pbr.version.SemanticVersion(XXXX), but target version ... errors

Robert Collins robertc at robertcollins.net
Thu Apr 30 22:59:49 UTC 2015

pbr 0.11 is finally released (now that Kilo is out :).

This brings in more support to ensure that our version numbers are
monotonically increasing.

Mostly this should be unintrusive (but please do read the docs -

The key things you need to know are:
 - setup.cfg's with a version line in it are 'preversioned'
 - preversioning requires an *immediate* commit to a branch right
after a final release is done, to update the setup.cfg - without this,
no future changes can be landed. Details below.
 - most projects - particularly non-server projects - should be able
to remove remove the version entry from setup.cfg and let pbr manage
everything. This is 'postversioning', and pbr will calculate the next
appropriate version number based on the git history.

 say your project is tempest, and you have 'version = 4' in setup.cfg.
This tells pbr that you want your next final release to be 4.0.0[the
.0.0 is implied].
 Then you tag a release: 'git tag -s 4' (or 4.0.0 - same difference to
pbr). This tells pbr that you *have released* 4.0.0.
 Then you do a new commit to the tree. What version should pbr choose?
 By having a version= line in setup.cfg, you've turned off pbr's
automatic selection of a good version, but it will cross-check to
prevent your versions rolling backwards - and since 4 has been
released there are *no* versions that are lower than the release, for
it to choose from.

So - the next commit needs to be the one where you choose a new
version (be that 4.0.1 or 5 or whatever) as a target.

Alternatively, you can choose to let pbr's version calculation logic
automatically determine the version - just remove the version =  line
from setup.cfg entirely, and pbr will generate numbers for you, with
you choosing the actual one when you make a new tag.

We're dealing with the most visible projects that have bad metadata
now in -infra, but projects using pbr elsewhere will probably be
puzzled - thus this email :)


Robert Collins <rbtcollins at hp.com>
Distinguished Technologist
HP Converged Cloud

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