[openstack-dev] [qa] trimming down Tempest smoke tag

Sean Dague sean at dague.net
Tue Apr 28 10:38:48 UTC 2015

The Tempest Smoke tag was originally introduced to provide a quick view
of your OpenStack environment to ensure that a few basic things were
working. It was intended to be fast.

However, during Icehouse the smoke tag was repurposed as a way to let
neutron not backslide (so it's massively overloaded with network tests).
It current runs at about 15 minutes on neutron jobs. This is why grenade
neutron takes *so* long, because we run tempest smoke twice.

The smoke tag needs a diet. I believe our working definition should be
something as follows:

 - Total run time should be fast (<= 5 minutes)
 - No negative tests
 - No admin tests
 - No tests that test optional extensions
 - No tests that test advanced services (like lbaas, vpnaas)
 - No proxy service tests

The criteria for a good set of tests is CRUD operations on basic
services. For instance, with compute we should have built a few servers,
ensure we can shut them down. For neutron we should have done some basic
network / port plugging.

We also previously had the 'smoke' tag include all of the scenario
tests, which was fine when we had 6 scenario tests. However as those
have grown I think that should be trimmed back to a few basic through

The results of this are -

The impacts on our upstream gate will mean that grenade jobs will speed
up dramatically (20 minutes faster on grenade neutron).

There is one edge condition which exists, which is the
check-tempest-dsvm-neutron-icehouse job. Neutron couldn't pass either a
full or parallel tempest run in icehouse (it's far too racy). So that's
current running the smoke-serial tag. This would end up reducing the
number of tests run on that job. However, based on the number of
rechecks I've had to run in this series, that job is currently at about
a 30% fail rate - http://goo.gl/N2w7qc - which means some test reduction
is probably in order anyway, as it's mostly just preventing other people
from landing unrelated patches.

This was something we were originally planning on doing during the QA
Sprint but ran out of time. It looks like we'll plan to land this right
after Tempest 4 is cut this week, so that people that really want the
old behavior can stay on the Tempest 4 release, but master is moving

I think that once we trim down we can decide to point add specific tests
later. I expect smoke to be a bit more fluid over time, so it's not a
tag that anyone should count on a test going into that tag and staying


Sean Dague

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