[openstack-dev] [nova] Required data migrations in Kilo, need Turbo Hipster tests updated

Joshua Hesketh joshua.hesketh at rackspace.com
Tue Apr 28 04:29:35 UTC 2015

On 4/23/15 11:41 PM, Dan Smith wrote:
>> That change works on the dataset. However I was referring to the
>> db/object api (which I have no real knowledge of) that it should be able
>> to get_by_uuid unmigrated instances and in my case I got the traceback
>> given in that paste. It's possible I'm just using the API incorrectly.
> You should be able to pull migrated or unmigrated instances, yes. The
> tests for the flavor stuff do this (successfully) at length. The
> traceback you have seems like a half-migrated instance, where there is a
> non-null flavor column on the instance_extra record, which shouldn't be
> possible. The line numbers also don't match master, so I'm not sure
> exactly what you're running.
> If you can track down where in your dataset that is hitting and maybe
> figure out what is going on, we can surely address it, but the current
> tests cover all the cases I can think of at the moment.
> Any chance you're tripping over something that was a casualty of
> previous failures here?
I suspect I did manage to create an instance in between the two states 
when trying to set up my tests. Your fix works fine now, thanks.

>> Oh yes, we want that restriction, but a way around it for instances that
>> may be stuck or just testing purposes could be useful.
> Yeah, as long as we're clear about the potential for problems if they
> run --force on a moving target...

Yep. If this could get reviewed+merged that'd be great. I need this for 
turbo-hipster to sanely step through the migrate part.


> --Dan
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