[openstack-dev] [Zaqar] Call for adoption (or exclusion?)

Flavio Percoco flavio at redhat.com
Mon Apr 27 14:28:01 UTC 2015

On 24/04/15 09:32 +1200, Fei Long Wang wrote:
>On 24/04/15 06:02, Richard Raseley wrote:
>> Flavio Percoco wrote:
>>>> I think getting operators to adopt it is key to getting other openstack
>>>> projects to also adopt it. There is something of a chicken and the egg
>>>> problem
>>>> with the integration. Some of the projects you will want to integrate
>>>> the most
>>>> with are already considered pretty stable and may not want to rewrite
>>>> working
>>>> bits to target a service thats hard for ops to deploy. It makes their
>>>> service
>>>> hard to deploy too.
>>>> Getting into RDO and Ubuntu will go a long way there. Getting into
>>>> Packstack
>>>> and other deployment tools even further.
>>> I don't fully agree with the above. The problem on waiting for
>>> operators to adopt it is that they might actually not have a reason to
>>> do it, which doesn't mean the project is useless. Each operator will
>>> decide what services they want to provide.
>> The needs of operators are a reflection of the needs of their users.
>> I don't want to use the word 'useless', because it has a clear
>> negative connotation - and I don't think Zaqar is 'useless'. Let's
>> instead discuss 'utility'.
>> The utility of any solution or product is completely subjective, and
>> solely based upon the underlying requirements. If real operators with
>> real requirements do not view a particular solution as having utility
>> for them - then it doesn't.
>> You are correct in that there is a bit of a bootstrapping problem, but
>> I strongly feel like the answer to that is continuing to listen to,
>> and test against, the market (the architects and operators).
>> Build a minimally viable product that (a) has clear messaging and use
>> cases (b) is easy to deploy and configure and (c) doesn't demand deep
>> integration into an existing cloud and operators will start deploying,
>> testing, and providing feedback. This will create the right feedback
>> cycle and help in validating (or completely demolishing) assumptions
>> on what users actually need.
>> With regard to '(b)' above, it doesn't appear that there any any
>> Puppet modules to assist with the installation and configuration of
>> Zaqar. If you're interested, let's chat in Vancouver to see if I can
>> help in get a basic set out there.
>Awesome, thank you for the support. I believe the puppet work is one of
>our goals in Liberty, so please pop in #openstack-zaqar and let's have a

I'm very interested in chatting in Vancouver. FWIW, we do have partial
support for puppet. It's partial because, well, it's not complete yet.
I started it with basically now knowledge of how puppet manifest's
work and Jason took it over and started contributing to it.
Unfortunately, it's not done yet.


Thanks for the feedback,

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