[openstack-dev] [all] Question for the TC candidates

Doug Hellmann doug at doughellmann.com
Mon Apr 27 12:46:31 UTC 2015

Excerpts from Flavio Percoco's message of 2015-04-27 08:52:01 +0200:
> On 23/04/15 17:14 +0100, Chris Dent wrote:
> >
> >This might be a bit presumptuous, but why not give it a try...
> >
> >This cycle's TC elections didn't come with a set of prepackaged
> >questions and though the self-nomination messages have included some
> >very interesting stuff I think it would be useful to get answers
> >from the candidates on at least one topical but open-ended
> >question. Maybe other people have additional questions they think
> >are important but this one is the one that matters to me and also
> >captures the role that I wish the TC filled more strongly. Here's
> >the preamble:
> >
> >There are lots of different ways to categorize the various
> >stakeholders in the OpenStack community, no list is complete. For
> >the sake of this question the people I'm concerned with are the
> >developers, end-users and operators of OpenStack: the individuals
> >who are actively involved with it on a daily basis. I'm intentionally
> >leaving out things like "the downstream".
> >
> >There are many different ways to define "quality". For the sake of
> >this question feel free to use whatever definition you like but take
> >it as given that "quality" needs to be improved.
> >
> >Here's the question:
> >
> >What can and should the TC at large, and you specifically, do to ensure
> >quality improves for the developers, end-users and operators of
> >OpenStack as a full system, both as a project being developed and a
> >product being used?
> Thanks for bringing this up, Chris.
> First and foremost, sorry for my late answer. I just got back from a
> trip w/ limited internet access.
> With the latest changes in governance model, I believe we need to be
> very observant of the changes happening in our community. As I
> mentioned in my candidacy, new projects will start showing up and
> they'll want to join the OpenStack organization. While this is
> amazing, we need to have a "scalable" - yes, hard to do - way to guide
> those projects whenever it's needed.
> Therefore, I believe one thing we need to do is improve the
> communication between the TC and the commuity. I've heard a couple of
> times from members in our that it's sometimes hard to communicate with
> the TC and most of the times, it's not clear for them when certain
> topics should/shouldn't involve the TC. This, to me, is cause by a
> lack of communication between the TC and the community. Either we're
> failing to explain what the TC is there for or the communication
> channels between the TC and the rest of the community are not good
> enough.

I often say that most issues, even apparently technical issues, are
caused by bad communication.  So, I'm concerned that there are
members of the community who don't know how to communicate with the
TC. The best way to reach the entire committee is to email this
list (openstack-dev) using "[tc]" in the subject line of your

Regarding subjects where the TC should or should not be involved, I
think the safest thing to do is ask. We would at least at that point
help clarify who should be resolving a particular issue if we think it
isn't the TC.

For outgoing communication, during Kilo (and possibly Juno) we tried
blogging meeting summaries. Did folks notice? Were the posts useful?


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