[openstack-dev] [fuel][plugin] What should go in environment_config.yaml when no additional attributes are desired in the Fuel Web UI?

Emma Gordon (projectcalico.org) emma at projectcalico.org
Fri Apr 24 15:03:59 UTC 2015

The fuel plugin wiki https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Fuel/Plugins#environment_config.yaml describes the required syntax for declaring (in the environment_config.yaml file) additional attributes that should appear under the Settings tab of the Fuel Web UI. If the only requirement is to have the check box to enable the plugin, but no additional attributes, what should go in this file?

I've tried not having such a file, leaving it empty, and various variants of None/""/[] after 'attributes:', but all result in the plugin failing to build - the latter due to failing the test_check_env_config_attrs_fail_if_none test in https://github.com/stackforge/fuel-plugins/blob/master/fuel_plugin_builder/fuel_plugin_builder/tests/test_validator_v1.py. Is it not permitted to have no attributes? Or, if that is a reasonable use case, should that test not exist?

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