[openstack-dev] Barbican : Dependency of pyenv configuration in Barbican.sh script

John Wood john.wood at RACKSPACE.COM
Wed Apr 22 23:09:34 UTC 2015

Hello Asha,

The barbican.sh script was originally intended to be a convenient way to boot up a Barbican instance locally to quickly start evaluating its API and functionality.

It was not intended to be used as a production script, deferring instead to deployments utilizing packages such as RDO RPMs and so forth for that purpose.

That said, changes to that script have been discussed, including removing pyenv and uWSGI as dependencies, hence such changes would be good to consider.

I'd also note that a solution based on this recently added script [1] might be in order.


[1] https://github.com/openstack/barbican/blob/master/bin/barbican-api

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Subject: Barbican : Dependency of pyenv configuration in Barbican.sh script

Hi All,

I would like to know the reason behind the dependency of the pyenv virtual environment and pyenv in the barbican.sh script.
Ideally in the production environment  , barbican would run on standalone virtual box with a particular python version .I feel that their dependecies needs to be removed from the script.

Was able to stand up the barbican instance without configuring pyenv and pyenv-virtualenv dependencies  by modifying the barbican script , installing few additional packages and exporting the python path to PATH variable
Please find the change in barbican.sh script for installation and starting of the script below :

VENV_DIR=${VIRTUAL_ENV:-`pyenv prefix`} -> This line needs to be removed
uwsgi --master --emperor $CONFIG_DIR/vassals -H  $VENV_DIR -> The  $VENV_DIR variable need to be removed as an argument and -H as an option.

The barbican script has been tied to $VENV_DIR variable which is dependent on the pyenv  for python configuration.Hence the barbican.sh  script needs to be  modified to remove $VENV_DIR variable  by configuring python path in PATH variable.
On doing this , we can avoid the sourcing the pyenv and pyenv-virtualenv packages  and its dependices on Barbican script.

Any help would be highly appreciated and also would like to know opinion from the openstack group  on the changes indicated
Thanks in advance

Thanks and Regards,
Asha Seshagiri
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