[openstack-dev] [Manila] Mount automation using Zeroconf

Knight, Clinton Clinton.Knight at netapp.com
Wed Apr 22 19:29:50 UTC 2015

Hello, Manila-philes.

Back in Paris we started talking about Manila mount automation, whereby file shares could be automatically mounted on clients, and this will likely be a topic in Vancouver.  So in order to have an informed discussion at the summit, I'd like to explore a few things beforehand.

Besides brute force approaches like SSH or PsExec, one of the community suggestions was to use Zeroconf (aka Bonjour)[1].  Zeroconf sounds attractive on the surface, but it seems to have a number of limitations:

   * No standard way to specify local mount point
   * Additional setup required to work beyond the 'local' domain
   * Custom software needed on clients to mount advertised shares
   * Same issues with network connectivity as any other mount automation solution

Does anyone have a clearer idea how Zeroconf might satisfy the need for Manila mount automation?

Clinton Knight
Manila core team

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zero-configuration_networking

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