[openstack-dev] [all][releases] upcoming library releases to unfreeze requirements in master

Doug Hellmann doug at doughellmann.com
Tue Apr 21 17:11:09 UTC 2015

I'm working on releasing a *bunch* of libraries, including clients, from
their master branches so we can thaw the requirements list for the
liberty cycle. As with any big operation, this may be disruptive. I
apologize in advance if it is, but we cannot thaw the requirements
without making the releases so we need them all.

Here's the full list, in the form of the release script I am running,
in case you start seeing issues and want to check if you were

./release_library.sh liberty 0.4.0 HEAD debtcollector
./release_library.sh liberty 1.9.0 HEAD oslo.concurrency
./release_library.sh liberty 1.11.0 HEAD oslo.config
./release_library.sh liberty 0.3.0 HEAD oslo.context
./release_library.sh liberty 1.9.0 HEAD oslo.db
./release_library.sh liberty 1.6.0 HEAD oslo.i18n
./release_library.sh liberty 1.1.0 HEAD oslo.log
./release_library.sh liberty 1.10.0 HEAD oslo.messaging
./release_library.sh liberty 1.1.0 HEAD oslo.middleware
./release_library.sh liberty 0.4.0 HEAD oslo.policy
./release_library.sh liberty 1.7.0 HEAD oslo.rootwrap
./release_library.sh liberty 1.5.0 HEAD oslo.serialization
./release_library.sh liberty 1.6.0 HEAD oslotest
./release_library.sh liberty 1.5.0 HEAD oslo.utils
./release_library.sh liberty 0.2.0 HEAD oslo.versionedobjects
./release_library.sh liberty 0.12.0 HEAD oslo.vmware
./release_library.sh liberty 1.4.0 HEAD python-stevedore
./release_library.sh liberty 0.15.0 HEAD python-tooz
./release_library.sh liberty 1.11.0 HEAD python-cliff
./release_library.sh liberty 0.9.0 HEAD taskflow

./release_library.sh liberty 1.3.0 HEAD django_openstack_auth # (no lp project)
./release_library.sh liberty 0.9.0 HEAD pycadf
./release_library.sh liberty 1.6.0 HEAD keystonemiddleware

./release_library.sh liberty 3.1.0 HEAD python-barbicanclient
./release_library.sh liberty 1.2.0 HEAD python-ceilometerclient
./release_library.sh liberty 1.2.0 HEAD python-designateclient
./release_library.sh liberty 0.18.0 HEAD python-glanceclient
./release_library.sh liberty 0.5.0 HEAD python-heatclient
./release_library.sh liberty 0.6.0 HEAD python-ironicclient
./release_library.sh liberty 1.4.0 HEAD python-keystoneclient
./release_library.sh liberty 0.2.0 HEAD python-keystoneclient-kerberos
./release_library.sh liberty 0.1.0 HEAD python-magnumclient
./release_library.sh liberty 1.1.0 HEAD python-manilaclient
./release_library.sh liberty 2.24.0 HEAD python-novaclient
./release_library.sh liberty 1.1.0 HEAD python-openstackclient
./release_library.sh liberty 0.9.0 HEAD python-saharaclient
./release_library.sh liberty 1.1.0 HEAD python-troveclient
./release_library.sh liberty 1.2.0 HEAD python-cinderclient
./release_library.sh liberty 2.5.0 HEAD python-neutronclient

# Skipping unreleased projects
#./release_library.sh liberty HEAD python-keystoneclient-saml2
#./release_library.sh liberty HEAD python-kiteclient

# Skipping unused projects
#./release_library.sh liberty 0.2.0 HEAD python-zaqarclient

# Skipping projects without caps currently
#./release_library.sh liberty 0.5.0 HEAD glance_store (possibly not capped)
#./release_library.sh liberty 0.2.0 HEAD ceilometermiddleware (possibly not capped)

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