[openstack-dev] [Glance] Open glance-drivers to all glance-cores

Flavio Percoco flavio at redhat.com
Mon Apr 20 14:03:37 UTC 2015

Hello Glance folks, and not Glance folks :D

Here's a thought. I believe, based on the size of our
project/community/reviewers team, we should just give access to all
glance-cores to glance-drivers. Few considerations:

1) Many of our reviewers have been part of Glance even before I became
part of it. It just makes no sense to me that these folks that have
put efforts, time and that have helped making Glance what it is today
don't have a voice on the specs. Commenting seems to not be enough,

2) I'd like to encourage a more open communication in our specs review
process and including all our current *code* reviewers seems like a
good step forward towards that. Things that I'd love to thing and to
avoid are:

  - I'd love to avoid all kind of private emails/conversations. Specs
    can either be discussed in the review (which is what it's for),
    team meetings or mailing list.

  - I'd love for specs to get more attention from other folks. In
    other words, I'd like to scale our specs review process. There are
    specs that have sitten there for a bit.

  - Our *code* reviewers know Glance's code, I want them to have a way
    to express a stronger opinion/vote.

3) Although this doesn't seem to work for other projects, I believe
Glance is not such a big community for this to fail. If anything, it
should help us to manage the load a bit better. If there are
core-reviewers that simply don't want to do spec reviews, that's fine.

4) If there are non-core reviewers that want to be part of the
glance-drivers team then we can vote as we do for new cores. I have to
admit that I'm having a hard time to imagine a case like this but...
who knows? right?

5) It used to be like this and many of us just found themselves out of
the glance-drivers team without notice. It's probably an unexpected
side effect of disconnecting LP/gerrit and splitting the teams. Not a
big deal, but...


Flavio Percoco
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