[openstack-dev] [tempest][nova] TestVolumeBootPattern fail with libvirt-xen, how to fix it?

Anthony PERARD anthony.perard at citrix.com
Thu Apr 16 17:11:35 UTC 2015

Hi all,

With libvirt_type=xen, the tempest test

This is because it setup a volume with 'vda' as device_name and nova (well
libvirt) fail to bring up an instance. 'vda' (virtio) is not supported by

I tried to rename 'vda' to 'xvda' in the test, but then nova fail earlier.
When nova is setting up a block device list for the instance, it set a
value for boot_index. boot_index is set to 0 only if the device_name is
equal to root_device_name, which default to 'vda'.
The only way too change root_device_name is to add it to the metadata of
the image but I don't know if that a good idee.

How could we resolve this? Skip the test if libvirt_type=xen?

I have started to write a bug report for this:


Anthony PERARD

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