[openstack-dev] [Fuel] Upgrade tarball retirement path

Dmitry Pyzhov dpyzhov at mirantis.com
Wed Apr 15 12:16:43 UTC 2015


TL;DR: There will be upgrade tarball in 6.1. But it will not require any
data from 6.0.x branch. And there will be no upgrade tarball starting from

Looks like we don't need upgrade tarball any more. It is a big relief for
our build team. Because GNU make is not intended to be used for this kind
of things. So:

1) We should remove upgrade tarball and create a script for upgrade
instead. This script will get new packages from upstream repos and do all
the stuff.
2) We are not ready to remove upgrade tarball in 6.1. We are too close to
the release and it will be too risky to deal with all the last minute bugs
after such big change.
3) We will get rid of diff repos in 6.1. It is useless for Ubuntu. Because
we've updated from 12.04 to 14.04 and there are a lot of changes in
packages. So diff repos saves about 300Mb and produces a lot of extra work
for build and upgrade procedures in 6.1. We will deprecate it.
4) 6.0.1 release will not be available by the HCF for 6.1. And our old
version of patching is deprecated. So we don't need to ship any 6.0.x data
with our upgrade tarball for 6.1.

Any questions, comments, objections?
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