[openstack-dev] [all] QPID incompatible with python 3 and untested in gate -- what to do?

Clint Byrum clint at fewbar.com
Tue Apr 14 17:22:56 UTC 2015

Hello! There's been some recent progress on python3 compatibility for
core libraries that OpenStack depends on[1], and this is likely to open
the flood gates for even more python3 problems to be found and fixed.

Recently a proposal was made to make oslo.messaging start to run python3
tests[2], and it was found that qpid-python is not python3 compatible yet.

This presents us with questions: Is anyone using QPID, and if so, should
we add gate testing for it? If not, can we deprecate the driver? In the
most recent survey results I could find [3] I don't even see message
broker mentioned, whereas Databases in use do vary somewhat.

Currently it would appear that only oslo.messaging runs functional tests
against QPID. I was unable to locate integration testing for it, but I
may not know all of the places to dig around to find that.

So, please let us know if QPID is important to you. Otherwise it may be
time to unburden ourselves of its maintenance.

[1] https://pypi.python.org/pypi/eventlet/0.17.3
[2] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/172135/
[3] http://superuser.openstack.org/articles/openstack-user-survey-insights-november-2014

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