[openstack-dev] In loving memory of Chris Yeoh

Gary Kotton gkotton at vmware.com
Mon Apr 13 05:03:52 UTC 2015

I am very saddened to read this. Not only will Chris be missed on a
professional level but on a personal level. He was a real mensh
(http://www.thefreedictionary.com/mensh). He was always helpful and
supportive. Wishing his family a long life.

On 4/13/15, 4:33 AM, "Michael Still" <mikal at stillhq.com> wrote:

>Hi, as promised I now have details of a charity for people to donate
>to in Chris' memory:
>In the words of the family:
>"We would prefer that people donate to lung cancer research in lieu of
>flowers. Lung cancer has the highest mortality rate out of all the
>cancers, and the lowest funding out of all the cancers. There is a
>stigma attached that lung cancer is a smoker's disease, and that
>sufferers deserve their fate. They bring it on through lifestyle
>choice. Except that Chris has never smoked in his life, like a
>surprisingly large percentage of lung cancer sufferers. These people
>suffer for the incorrect beliefs of the masses, and those that are
>left behind are equally innocent. We shouldn't be doing this now. He
>shouldn't be gone. We need to do more to fix this. There will be
>charity envelopes available at the funeral, or you can choose your
>preferred research to fund, should you wish to do so. You have our
>On Wed, Apr 8, 2015 at 2:49 PM, Michael Still <mikal at stillhq.com> wrote:
>> It is my sad duty to inform the community that Chris Yeoh passed away
>> morning. Chris leaves behind a daughter Alyssa, aged 6, who I hope will
>> remember Chris as the clever and caring person that I will remember him
>> I haven¹t had a chance to confirm with the family if they want flowers
>>or a
>> donation to a charity. As soon as I know those details I will reply to
>> email.
>> Chris worked on open source for a very long time, with OpenStack being
>> the most recent in a long chain of contributions. He worked tirelessly
>> his contributions to Nova, including mentoring other developers. He was
>> dedicated to the cause, with a strong vision of what OpenStack could
>> He even named his cat after the project.
>> Chris might be the only person to have ever sent an email to his
>> explaining what his code review strategy would be after brain surgery.
>> takes phenomenal strength to carry on in the face of that kind of
>> but somehow he did. Frankly, I think I would have just sat on the beach.
>> Chris was also a contributor to the Linux Standards Base (LSB), where he
>> helped improve the consistency and interoperability between Linux
>> distributions. He ran the ŒHackfest¹ programming contests for a number
>> years at Australia¹s open source conference -- linux.conf.au. He
>> local Linux user groups in South Australia and Canberra, including
>> involvement at installfests and speaking at local meetups. He competed
>>in a
>> programming challenge called Loki Hack, and beat out the world to win
>> event[1].
>> Alyssa¹s memories of her dad need to last her a long time, so we¹ve
>> to try and collect some fond memories of Chris to help her along the
>>way. If
>> you feel comfortable doing so, please contribute a memory or two at
>> Chris was humble, helpful and honest. The OpenStack and broader Open
>> communities are poorer for his passing.
>> Michael
>> [1] 
>Rackspace Australia
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