[openstack-dev] Trove : about trove-guestagent connecting to trove controller and rabbitmq

Benoit ML ben42ml at gmail.com
Fri Apr 10 14:29:55 UTC 2015


I'm currently studing openstack. Well when i see trove, i was enthusiastic
about it : a database services for my users !
Well i Imagine my user creating, through the dashboard, evry database they

So i try to install it and use it, and i m disappointed about the designe.
Perhaps I misunderstood something ;) Can you enlight me plz ?

Well trove-guestagent must run in the VM. And this trove-guestagent seems
to have to contact the rabbitmq and trove controller through the network.
Is this correct ?
So rabbitmq and trove controller must be in a reacheable network from
inside a tenant network ?  I can't do that ... security team will shoot me
in the head.
I hope i m wrong and i do somehting bad.

Moreover, for cloud-init, openstack use a metadata agent, pop up in evry
network by neutron, reacheable by the instance on an "unique" ip.
I found this very clean. Can trove do the samething ?

Thank you in advance !


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