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>I also want to point out that what I'd actually rather see is that all
>of the services provide functionality like this. Users would be served
>by having an event stream from Nova telling them when their instances
>are active, deleted, stopped, started, error, etc.
>Also, I really liked Sandy's suggestion to use the notifications on the
>backend, and then funnel them into something that the user can consume.
>The project they have, yagi, for putting them into atom feeds is pretty
>interesting. If we could give people a simple API that says "subscribe
>to Nova/Cinder/Heat/etc. notifications for instance X, and put them
>in an atom feed", that seems like something that would make sense as
>an under-the-cloud service that would be relatively low cost and would
>ultimately reduce load on API servers.
>"an under-the-clould service" ? - That is not what I am after here.

Yeah, we're using this as an "under cloud" service. Our notifications are only
consumed internally, so it's not a multi-tenant/SaaS solution.

>What I am really after is a general OpenStack solution for how end users can
>consume service notifications (and replace "heat event-list").
>Right now there is "ceilometer event-list", but as some Ceilometer devs have said,
>they don't want to store every notification that comes.
>So is the yagi + atom hopper solution something we can point end-users to?
>Is it per-tenant etc...

However, there is a team within Rax working on this SaaS offering:
Peter Kazmir and Joe Savak. I'll let them respond with their lessons on
AtomHopper, etc.

>Sandy, do you have a write up somewhere on how to set this up so I can experiment a bit?

Yagi: https://github.com/rackerlabs/yagi
AtomHopper: http://atomhopper.org/  (java warning)

The StackTach.v3 sandbox is DevStack-for-Notifications. It simulates
notifications (no openstack deploy needed) and it has Yagi set up to
consume them. There's also Vagrant scripts to get you going.


and some, slightly older, screencasts on the Sandbox here:

We're in the #stacktach channel, by all means ping us if you run into problems.
Or if a Hangout works better for you, just scream :)

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