[openstack-dev] [all] how to send messages (and events) to our users

Min Pae sputnik13 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 8 23:45:46 UTC 2015

> "an under-the-clould service" ? - That is not what I am after here.
> I think the thread went off on a tangent and this point got lost.  A user
facing notification system absolutely should be a web centric protocol, as
I imagine one of the big consumers of such a system will be monitoring
dashboards which is trending more and more toward rich client side “Single
Page Applications”.  AMQP would not work well in such cases.

> So is the yagi + atom hopper solution something we can point end-users to?
> Is it per-tenant etc...

While I haven’t seen it yet, if that solution provides a means to expose
the atom events to end users, it seems like a promising start.  The thing
that’s required, though, is authentication/authorization that’s tied in to
keystone, so that notification regarding a tenant’s resource is available
only to that tenant.

> Sandy, do you have a write up somewhere on how to set this up so I can
> experiment a bit?
> Maybe this needs to be a part of Cue?

Sorry, Cue’s goal is to provision Message Queue/Broker services and manage
them, just like Trove provisions and manages databases.  Cue would be
ideally used to stand up and scale the RabbitMQ cluster providing messaging
for an application backend, but it does not provide messaging itself (that
would be Zaqar).

- Min
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