[openstack-dev] [sahara] Sahara + Cinder use cases?

Daniele Venzano daniele.venzano at eurecom.fr
Wed Apr 8 08:51:42 UTC 2015


Did you have any success in finding Sahara and Cinder use cases?

Using Cinder one loses the data locality property around which hadoop and hdfs are built, so I am curious of what benefits there are in such a configuration.


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I am working on a Sahara doc bug:
         [DOC] Features overview suggests Cinders to increase reliability

I am doing some research for this update.  What are the use cases for Sahara + Cinder?

     1. Cinder-backed Sahara for persistent data
     2. Booting Sahara instances from Cinder volumes

Can option #1 be used in conjunction with existing plugin images?

Are there any docs on using Cinder volumes in place of ephemeral?

(similar to the docs describing how to use Swift-backed EDP)

The Cinder integration test mounts a few volumes to instances but does not use them.



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