[openstack-dev] [tripleo][kolla] Investigating containerizing TripleO

Ryan Hallisey rhallise at redhat.com
Wed Apr 1 20:36:20 UTC 2015


Over the last few weeks Ian Main and I have been working on getting some integration between Kolla and tripleo.
For a simple proof of concept, we launched devstack to serve as an undercloud and used heat to spawn an overcloud
on a rhel-atomic image. In the overcloud, we deployed openstack in containers pulling from the latest kolla images.
We successfully tested keystone, loading an image into glance, booting an image in nova, and sshing into that image.

We're starting to move over to a tripleo environment to try and directly integrate now that we've proven it works.
Here is the heat template that we are using: https://github.com/rthallisey/atomic-osp-installer/blob/master/heat/openstack_deploy.yaml
This will serve as a template that will get openstack up and running on a single node.  This template is a good foundation 
to create addition templates since any other config is mostly going to be a copy and paste.  

This POC uses atomic to start up openstack, but it can also be done using docker-compose.
The heat template for docker compose should look about the same.

We're going to push this work upstream shortly, but in the meantime the work can be tracked in the repo I linked above.

Ryan Hallisey

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