[openstack-dev] [barbican] PTL Candidacy

Douglas Mendizabal douglas.mendizabal at RACKSPACE.COM
Thu Sep 25 16:31:02 UTC 2014

Hi OpenStack-dev,

I would like to put my name in the hat for PTL of the Key Management Service
Program, which includes Barbican, python-barbicanclient, Kite, and

I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of the Barbican team since the very
beginning of the project.  During the last year and half I’ve helped
Barbican grow from a project that only a couple of Rackers were hacking on,
to an Incubated OpenStack project that continues to gain adoption in the
community, and I would like to see that momentum continue through the Kilo

I’ve been a big fan and supporter of Jarret Raim’s vision for Barbican, and
it would be an honor for me to continue his work as the new PTL for the Key
Management Program.  One of my goals for the Kilo cycle is to move Barbican
through the Integration process by working with other OpenStack projects to
enable the security minded use-cases that are now possible with Barbican.
Additionally, I would like to continue to focus on the quality of Barbican
code by leveraging the knowledge and lessons learned from deploying Barbican
at Rackspace.

Thank you,
Douglas Mendizábal

Douglas Mendizábal
IRC: redrobot
PGP Key: 245C 7B6F 70E9 D8F3 F5D5  0CC9 AD14 1F30 2D58 923C

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