[openstack-dev] [Horizon] PTL Candidacy

David Lyle dklyle0 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 22 08:59:43 UTC 2014

I would like to announce my candidacy for Horizon PTL.

I've been actively contributing to Horizon since the Grizzly cycle and
I've been a core contributor since the Havana cycle. For the last two
cycles, I have had the pleasure of serving as PTL.

Horizon is in the midst of some large transitions that we've been laying
the foundation for in the past two releases. I would like to continue to
help guide those changes through to completion.

We've made progress on splitting the horizon repo into logical parts. The
vendored 3rd party JavaScript libraries have been extracted. This was a
major hurdle to completing the separation. Finishing the split will
improve maintainability and extensibility. I believe we can complete this
in the Kilo cycle.

We've also continued the transition to leveraging AngularJS to improve
usability and providing richer client experiences. I would like to see
this effort accelerate in Kilo. But, I would like to see it driven by a
clear unified strategy rather than numerous uncoordinated efforts. My goal
is to leave the Paris Summit with a plan we can work toward together. A
richer client side approach is key to addressing many of the usability
shortcomings in Horizon.

We successfully integrated the Sahara UI components into Horizon in Juno.
And in Kilo, we'll look to integrate Ironic support. In Kilo, there is
also potential for wider integration requirements on Horizon that may need
greater attention and likely a revised repo strategy.

Finally, Horizon like most of OpenStack is benefiting from a rapidly
growing contributor base. Like other projects, we aren't immune to the
stresses such growth creates. We've started taking steps toward improving
the blueprint process as well as changes to how we manage bugs. We need to
continue to refine these efforts to improve the overall direction of the

Driven by a terrific community of contributors, reviewers and users,
Horizon has made great strides in Juno. I look forward to seeing what this
community can accomplish in Kilo. As PTL, my job is to enable this
community to continue to flourish.

Thank you,
David Lyle
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