[openstack-dev] [all] OpenStack bootstrapping hour - Friday Sept 19th - 3pm EST

Sean Dague sean at dague.net
Mon Sep 15 22:56:23 UTC 2014

A few of us have decided to pull together a regular (cadence to be
determined) video series taking on deep dives inside of OpenStack,
looking at code, explaining why things work that way, and fielding
questions from anyone interested.

For lack of a better title, I've declared it OpenStack Bootstrapping Hour.

Episode 0 - Mock best practices will kick off this Friday, Sept 19th,
from 3pm - 4pm EST. Our experts for this will be Jay Pipes and Dan
Smith. It will be done as a Google Hangout on Air, which means there
will be a live youtube stream while it's on, and a recorded youtube
video that's publicly accessible once we're done.

We'll be using an etherpad during the broadcast to provide links to the
content people are looking at, as well as capture questions. That will
be our backchannel, and audience participation forum, with the advantage
that it creates a nice concise document at the end of the broadcast that
pairs well with the video. (Also: the tech test showed that while code
examples are perfectly viewable during in the final video, during the
live stream they are a little hard to read, etherpad links will help
people follow along at home).

Assuming this turns out to be useful, we're thinking about lots of other
deep dives. The intent is that these are indepth dives. We as a
community have learned so many things over the last 4 years, but as
OpenStack has gotten so large, being familiar with more than a narrow
slice is hard. This is hopefully a part of the solution to address that.
As I've told others, if nothing else, I'm looking forward to learning a
ton in the process.

Final links for the hangout + etherpad will be posted a little later in
the week. Mostly wanted to make people aware it was coming.


Sean Dague

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