[openstack-dev] Add VMware dvSwitch/vSphere API support for Neutron ML2

Ilkka Tengvall ilkka.tengvall at cybercom.com
Mon May 5 12:22:24 UTC 2014


I would like to start a discussion about a ML2 driver for VMware 
distributed virtual switch (dvSwitch) for Neutron. There is a new 
blueprint made by Sami Mäkinen (sjm) in 

The driver is described and code is publicly available and hosted in 

We would like to get the driver through contribution process, what ever 
that exactly means :)

The original problem this driver solves for is is the following:

We've been running VMware virtualization platform in our data center 
before OpenStack, and we will keep doing it due existing services. We 
also have been running OpenStack for a while also. Now we wanted to get 
the most out of both by combining the customers networks on the both 
plafroms by using provider networks. The problem is that the networks 
need two separate managers, neutron and vmware. There was no OpenStack 
tools to attach the guests on VMware side to OpenStack provider networks 
during instance creation.

Now we are putting our VMware under control of OpenStack. We want to 
have one master to control the networks, Neutron. We implemented the new 
ML2 driver to do just that. It is capable of joining the machines 
created in vSphere to the same provider networks the OpenStack uses, 
using dvSwitch port groups.

I just wanted to open the discussion, for the technical details please 
contact our experts on the CC list:

Sami J. Mäkinen
Jussi Sorjonen (freenode: mieleton)


Ilkka Tengvall
  Advisory Consultant, Cloud Architecture
  email:  ilkka.tengvall at cybercom.com
  mobile: +358408443462
  freenode: ikke-t
  web:    http://cybercom.com - http://cybercom.fi

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