[openstack-dev] [Ironic] Review dashboard update

Dmitry Tantsur dtantsur at redhat.com
Tue Jun 3 17:47:12 UTC 2014

Hi everyone!

It's hard to stop polishing things, and today I got an updated review
dashboard. It's sources are merged to Sean Dague's repository [1], so I
expect this to be the final version. Thank you everyone for numerous
comments and suggestions, especially Ruby Loo.

Here is nice link to it: http://perm.ly/ironic-review-dashboard

Major changes since previous edition:
- "My Patches Requiring Attention" section - all your patches that are
either WIP or have any -1.
- "Needs Reverify" - approved changes that failed Jenkins verification
- Added last section with changes that either WIP or got -1 from Jenkins
(all other sections do not include these).
- Specs section show also WIP specs

I know someone requesting dashboard with IPA subproject highlighted - I
can do such things on case-by-case base - ping me on IRC.

Hope this will be helpful :)


[1] https://github.com/sdague/gerrit-dash-creator

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