[openstack-dev] [Heat] About LaunchConfiguration and Autoscaling

Thomas Herve thomas.herve at enovance.com
Fri Jan 31 08:48:38 UTC 2014

> I favor the second option for the same reasons as Zane described, but also
> don't think we need a LaunchConfiguration resource. How about just adding a
> attribute to the resources such that the engine knows is not meant to be
> handled in the usual way, and instead it is really a "template" (sorry for
> the overloaded term) used in a scaling group. For example:
> group:
> type: OS::Heat::ScalingGroup
> properties:
> scaled_resource: server_for_scaling
> server_for_scaling:
> use_for_scaling: true ( the name of this attribute is clearly up for
> discussion ;-) )
> type: OS::Nova::Server
> properties:
> image: my_image
> flavor: m1.large
> When the engine sees the "use_for_scaling" set to true, then it does not call
> things like "handle_create". Anyway, that's the general idea. I'm sure there
> are many other ways to achieve a similar effect.

I'm strongly opposed to that. It reduces the readability of the template a lot for no obvious benefit. Any time you radically change behavior by putting a flag somewhere, somethings's wrong.


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