[openstack-dev] [nova] bp proposal: libvirt-resize-disk-down

sahid sahid.ferdjaoui at cloudwatt.com
Thu Jan 30 19:00:09 UTC 2014

> For metering/usage purposes, does the old size of ephemeral disk
> continue to be shown in usage records, or does the size of the disk in
> the newly-selected instance type (flavor) get used? If the former, then
> this would be an avenue for users to Get more disk space than they are
> paying for. Something to look into...

Actually yes, the status of the instance is with the new flavor disk space
while the real space allocated for the instance is always the same.

We probably need to raise a ResizeError exception, also to keep a good backward
compatibility we can add a config like libvirt.use_strong_resize=True or
something else.


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