[openstack-dev] [nova][swift] Importing Launchpad Answers in Ask OpenStack

Stefano Maffulli stefano at openstack.org
Thu Jan 30 15:26:11 UTC 2014

On Wed 29 Jan 2014 01:49:04 PM CET, Swapnil Kulkarni wrote:
> Getting lauchpad bus in ask.openstack would really help people and
> this looks really nice.(just saw some question-answers) I was not able
> to search for questions though

Yes, we know, search is disabled on staging.

>  and  (answered/unanswered) questions

This should work: what do you mean exactly? What sort of filter did you 
apply and what were you expecting?

> filters are not working. Just one small question, how the import will
> happen for future launchpad questions? Or launchpad questions will be
> disabled making ask.openstack default for openstack questions-answers?

We should completely disable Launchpad answers and remove them from 
visible archives (this should also answer Scott's comment on the same 
topic --good idea to add the lp-imported tag)


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