[openstack-dev] [Nova][Scheduler] Policy Based Scheduler needs review & approvals

Khanh-Toan Tran khanh-toan.tran at cloudwatt.com
Thu Jan 30 09:33:33 UTC 2014

Dear Stackers,

Ice-house 3 deadline is approaching quickly and we still need reviews &
approval for Policy Based Scheduler ! So I kindly ask for your attention
for this blueprint. 

The purpose of this blueprint is to manage the scheduling process by the
policy. With it admin can define scheduling rules per group of physical
resources (an aggregate, an availability-zone, or the whole
infrastructure); or per (classes of) users. For instance, admin can define
a policy of Load Balancing (distribute workload evenly among the servers)
in some aggregates, and Consolidation (concentrate workloads in minimal of
servers to be able to hibernate others) in other aggregates. Admin can
also change the policies in runtime and the changes will immediately take

Among the usecases would be the Pclouds :
where we need a scheduling configuration/decision per Pclouds. It can be
done easily by defining a policy to each Pclouds. Future development of
the policy system will even allow users to define their own rules in their

Best regards,

Khanh-Toan Tran

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