[openstack-dev] Barbican Incubation Review

Jarret Raim jarret.raim at RACKSPACE.COM
Wed Jan 29 20:42:29 UTC 2014


Barbican, the key management service for OpenStack, requested incubation
before the holidays. After the initial review, there were several issues
brought up by various individuals that needed to be resolved
pre-incubation. At this point, we have completed the work on those tasks.
I'd like to request a final review before a vote on our incubation at the
next TC meeting, which should be on 2/4.

The list of tasks and their status is documented as part of our incubation
request, which is on the openstack wiki:

The only outstanding PR on the list is our devstack integration. I'd love
it if we could get some eyes on that patch. Things seem to be working for
us in our testing, but it'd be great to get some feedback from -infra to
make sure we aren¹t going to cause any headaches for the gate. The review
is here: 

During our initial request, there was a conversation about our being a
mostly Rackspace driven effort. While it was decided that diversifying the
team isn't a requirement for incubation, it is for integration and we've
made some headway on that effort. At this point, we have external
contributors from eVault, HP and RedHat that have submitted code and / or
blueprints for the system. There are other folks that have expressed
interest in contributing, so I'm hopeful that our team will continue to
diversify over the course of our incubation period.

Our general page is here:

Our GitHub documentation:

We are currently working on moving this documentation to the OpenStack
standard docbook format. We have a ways to go on this front, but the
staging area for that work can be found here:

The team hangs out in the #openstack-barbican channel on freenode. If you
want to talk, stop on by.


Jarret Raim
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