[openstack-dev] PCI Request, associating a device to its original request

Robert Li (baoli) baoli at cisco.com
Tue Jan 28 18:12:39 UTC 2014

Hi Yongli,

In today's IRC meeting, we discussed this a little bit. I think the answer probably lies in the definition of the PCI request. In the current implementation of _translate_alias_to_requests(), a new property (assume it's called requestor_id) maybe added to the PCI request. And this is how it works:
           -- add a requestor_id to the request spec, and return it to the caller
           -- when a device is allocated, a mapping requester_id to the pci device can be established
           -- the requestor later can retrieve the device by calling something like get_pci_device(requestor_id)

The requestor id could be a UUID that is generated by the python uuid module.

In the neutron SRIOV case, we need to create a PCI request per nic (or per requested_network). Therefore, the generic PCI may provide an API so that we can do so. Such API may look like:
              create_pci_request(count, request_spec), The request_spec is key value pairs. It returns a requestor_id.

Also if PCI flavor API is available later, I guess we can have an API like:
              create_pci_request_from_pci_flavor(count, pci_flavor). It returns a requestor_id as well.

Let me know what you think.

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