[openstack-dev] What's Up Doc? Jan 27 2014

Anne Gentle anne at openstack.org
Mon Jan 27 15:35:17 UTC 2014

This week we have two chances to talk docs -- the IRC meeting for US and
Europe is every other Wednesday in #openstack-meeting-alt at 03:00 UTC.

We're also hosting a hangout on air on Wednesday, January 29, 2014 at
20:00:00 UTC. Look for a Hangouts On Air invitation on Google Plus.

1. In review and merged this past week:

Last Thursday and Friday we did a mini sprint on the Operations Guide with
the goal of addressing O'Reilly editor comments, documenting upgrades,
vetting a new reference architecture, and getting all Havana updates
completed. We merged about 25 changes and have about 20 more in the queue
for review, including how to upgrade Compute from grizzly to havana.

In the openstack-manuals repo, there are updates to the install guide,
glossary edits, updates to the nova config options as well as some
ceilometer cleanup.

2. High priority doc work:

We're two months away from a March 27 release candidate. Highest priority
is Icehouse documentation:

Install Guide

Config Ref

Cloud Admin Guide

On the API documentation side, there's going to be some API doc movement
where the specs move into the project repositories. For example, from
openstack/image-api to glance/doc/source.

3. Doc work going on that I know of:

Shaun McCance is working on the configuration automation and reaching out
to Oslo devs to ensure accuracy for incoming options. With 2400 options
across OpenStack projects there's plenty to document.

Diane and Andreas have been diligently getting the database-api samples
tested and doc build working. Thanks for that. The Database project Trove
does enter integration with the Icehouse release.

4. New incoming doc requests:

Nick Chase is holding meetings about a new Networking Guide that would give
the basic concepts for Neutron and software-defined networking in

5. Doc tools updates:

Today I'll release 0.4 of the openstack-doc-tools repo which includes the
ability to ignore sets of files, also greatly improves the options output,
and offers the ability to auto-document the Command Line Interface help to
output in a CLI reference. Nice work Andreas!

For clouddocs-maven-plugin, the 1.13.0 release came out January 23 which
now supports parts for the Operations Guide. Read all about it in the
release notes

6. Other doc news:

I think that's enough excitement for this week! Carry on.
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