[openstack-dev] [api-site] how to switch the project version for api document

ZhiQiang Fan aji.zqfan at gmail.com
Mon Jan 27 12:04:10 UTC 2014


I noticed that API reference in
http://api.openstack.org/api-ref.htmldoesn't mention anything about
the version issue. For example, Ceilometer
has /v1 /v2 API, and /v2 is cross Havana and Icehouse, so if Icehouse adds
some new features which add new arguments to the v2 API, then how does the
reader tell that this argument is enable only in Icehouse?

For install guide, there are trunk and havana branches which can easily
change in browser URL [1], and I noticed that api-ref repo in github has
tag with 2013.1, 2013.2, and etc, so is there anyway to jump to 2013.2
version in browser just as install guide?


[1]: I don't know is there anywhere has mentioned this but just try and get
this knowledge, the link from docs.openstack.org is
then I change it to
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